Technology and Materials

Technology and Materials

From its “Knowledge to Concept” principle, EUROGEIA established as a priority the development of its technological dimension, through employing state-of-the-art machinery and equipment in its factory/production line, translated in additional machinery and equipment with a strong technological component: presses, CNC, multi-drilling machines, edge banders, graders and sanders (Homag, Biesse, Heesemann and SCM) that meet the desired industrial typology, essentially aimed at veneers and wood work.

Always focused on the client and on the delivery of the finished product, the firm’s industrial team comprises three dozen highly skilled professionals in woodwork, carpentry and development of specific solutions supported by technical drawing.

EUROGEIA also holds strong skills in technical consulting, in project or concept analysis, proposal elaboration, technical solutions for production, economical and technical  discussions with architects or designers, technical drawing and CNC industrial engineering files essential to the production process.

The firm often also accompanies and coordinates on-site assembly operations, engaging its team in complex and multidisciplinary operations (metal structures, special fixings, gutters and technical installations, lighting, ceramic, metal or ornamental stones, etc.) related to the furniture and carpentry pieces it produces.

In terms of materials, the industrial output of EUROGEIA is aimed at working with all types of veneers, including borders and tops, large veneer pieces, such as tables, cabinets and public areas counters, massive turned elements, elements with 4th axis operation, carpentry parts with pressing and moulding operations and all the furniture present in hotels (rooms, public areas, changing rooms, restaurants) in which can be planned and integrated other constructive elements and anchorages (hinges, handles, lights, and metal support bars, etc.).

EUROGEIA’s production ensures a manufacture that can range from just a few units or unique pieces, until the production of entire series, with an output of hundreds or thousands of units.

The materials used, whether its plywood, solid wood, adhesives, pigments, varnishes, MDF or wooden sheets, are carefully selected and bear all European certifications concerning its origin, sustainability and technical compliance of materials.